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I need to convert a newly set up MS SQL database on the host server to become the same database as I have been testing on my development server.

I'm switching to a new hosting company. How can I publish my database on this new hoster?

I need a way to get the structure and the data from my local SQL database into the SQL database hosted by my hosting company.

I am able to create a new database on my host server using the control panel. But how can I install my current database that contains hundreds of tables, views and stored procedures, thousands of records... Running a T-SQL script is a real pain.

There is only one answer for all these requests: myLittleBackup.

myLittleBackup helps you restoring a database backup on your host server in five clicks, without opening any support ticket.

Over the last year using this product, I can safely say it has saved our staff and customers countless hours of back and forth when backing up and restoring Microsoft SQL Server databases.

How to proceed in 6 steps

Step #1

Prepare a backup of your database using your favorite tool.
If you're switching to a new hosting company, then you must request this backup to your old hosting company.

Step #2

If not already done, create a new database on your host server using the provided control panel (Plesk, Helm, DNP, etc...)

Step #3

Open your favorite web browser and Log into myLittleBackup

Step #4

Choose the "Restore databases" tool and select the newly created database

Step #5

Upload your backup (prepared at step #1)

Step #6

Click the Restore button

Et voilà!
Next time you have to choose a hosting company, don't forget to check the offer includes myLittleBackup !

Platforms and integration
  • Technology: .NET technology (C#)
  • Platform: Windows 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Web server: IIS 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Framework : Framework 2.0 and further
  • SQL server : MS SQL 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008 & 2012

myLittleBackup is licensed per SQL Server instance. License includes email support and free minor upgrades.

Pricing starts at $41.00

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