Web Hosting F.A.Q.

Designed for Shared SQL Server Hosting

myLittleBackup has been designed for Shared SQL Server Hosting. We know how difficult it is to propose a good shared SQL Server hosting as you need to offer:

  • performance
  • security
  • flexibility and easy-to-use management tools

myLittleBackup will help you give your customers more freedom without reducing your security level. We know and understand all the points that make backup/restore processes a stressfull task for the web-hosting companies. The F.A.Q. below should convince you that myLittleBackup is the tool you are looking for. If you have more question, feel free to contact us at .

#1 - I do not have IIS and SQL Server on the same box. Can I use myLittleBackup?

myLittleBackup can be used with these 4 different configurations:

  • IIS, SQL Server, File Server on the same machine
  • IIS and File Server on Machine A, SQL Server on Machine B
  • IIS on machine A, SQL Server on Machine B, File Server on Machine C
  • IIS on machine A, SQL Server and File Server on Machine B

The 4th configuration is the one we recommend. Each configuration is completly described in the Installation Guide.

#2 - I do not give my customers dbo privileges. Can I use myLittleBackup?

In order to perform a backup or a restore with SQL Server, the user must have very "high-level" permissions like db_owner, db_backupoperator, dbo etc... The problem is that web-hosting companies does not apply these roles to their customer logins. That's why myLittleBackup offers the possibility to define authorizations based on database roles. Even if the web-hosting company only wants to give the user db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin roles for security reason, it will be still be possible to offer backup/restore features using myLittleBackup.

#3 - I have both MS SQL 2000 and MS SQL 2005 servers. Can I use myLittleBackup?

myLittleBackup works with MS SQL 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012. It means that myLittleBackup can be used to backup a MS SQL 2000 database and then to restore this backup file on a MS SQL 2005 and further server. Please note that MS SQL backup files are not upward compatibles.

#4 - My customers databases are limited in size. What will happen if they restore a database that exceed this size limit?

By default, myLittleBackup does not allow to restore a backup file that would exceed current database size limits. Of course you can disable this feature by setting up a flag to false in the configuration file.

#5 - I don't want my customers to upload too much backup files and waste disk space. How myLittleBackup can manage that?

You can specify the number of files you allow to upload. Then the user can manage (upload, download, delete) his files through the "Manage backup files" interface.

#6 - I don't want one customer to be able to backup/restore another customer database.

When a user is connected, he can only see the databases he has access to, i.e the databases he has an account on. Then in order to process a backup, restore or check process, the user roles must fit with the ones you specified in the config.file.

#7 - I need to know who is using myLittleBackup. Are you providing log files?

Yes, myLittleBackup writes its own daily log files in wich you'll be able to find all connection, backup, restore information.