v1.7a r0050 - 2010/10/28
  • Ability to enable/disable pooling for both user and sysadmin connections
v1.7 r0049 - 2010/06/28
  • Security update - Metacharacters filtering from user input
  • Security update - Was possible to display an ASP.NET error message when a 404 error was occuring
  • Session time-out is not limited to 20 mins anymore
  • ability to use the COPY_ONLY option (SQL2005+)
v1.6a r0043 - 2009/09/03
  • Security update - Connection String Injection
  • An error was occuring when restoring with both restorelogicalname and checkmaxsize options set to true
v1.6 r0041 - 2009/06/28
  • Possibility to restore initial Logical name
  • an error was occuring when trying to copy a backup file from the backup folder to the restore folder when the restore does not exist
  • fixed a few deprecated elements
  • CSS improvement for cross-browsers
  • automatic javascript scroll to the correct step
v1.5a r0040 - 2008/09/16
  • a security bug has been fixed.
v1.5 r0039 - 2008/09/01
  • a warning message is displayed when the backup files contains a Full Text Catalog
  • when a restore fails, db is reset to multiuser mode
  • InitialCatalog can be specified with the Silent logon module
  • Silent logon now supports Windows Authentication mode
  • Possibility to compress backup on SQL2008 servers
  • An error was occuring after backup when backup files were stored on a DFS server
  • File Manager: Ability to copy a backup file from the backup folder to the restore folder
v1.3 r0025 - 2007/11/27
  • Possibility to run a custom T-SQL command just after the restore process
  • Possibility to choose the Recovery Mode to apply to the restored db (if not specified, the recovery model will be set as it was before the restore)
  • Possibility to ask the intial catalog in the login page
  • Possibility to check for updates
v1.2 r0024 - 2007/05/07
  • Use of the latest release of telerik r.a.d upload so that myLittleBackup can run in Medium Trust mode.
v1.2 r0023 - 2007/04/23
  • Silent logon module has been added
  • Upload operations now uses telerik r.a.d. upload
  • Progress bar during upload
  • A user mapping was not correct when the db_owner was not the same in the initial database and the restored one
  • Installation package now contains 2 distinct folders for .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0
v1.1 r0021 - 2007/02/19
  • Ability to display a disclaimer before restoring
  • Ability to restore initial user settings after a restore
  • After a restore, if the current logged user does not have access to the restored db, a new user mapped to this login is created
v1.0.2 r0018 - 2007/01/02
  • An error was occuring on x64 server
  • An error was randomly occuring while restoring from MS SQL 2000 (bad file path)
v1.0 r0016
  • Official release